Turquoise Beads in Jewelry
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
The robin-egg blue hue of the turquoise gem is what makes it distinctive and unique among all other stones. The birthstone for the month of December, it is unmistakable in its characteristics, and makes it a favorite among jewelry fans and enthusiasts. The use of turquoise dates back to the Egyptian and Aztec times, and is probably one of the most ancient gemstones in history. The derivative of its name is thought of to come from “Turquie”, the French name for Turkey, which was mistaken to be the stone’s origin.

turquoise beads for your jewelry

Found in arid, dry conditions, turquoise was mostly mined in Persia, now known as Iran, until it was discovered to be present in the areas of the western and southwestern United States. Turquoise is found in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. It’s no surprise that the Native Americans from the US and some tribes in Mexico have been using turquoise beads and stones since before its potential as a mining resource was recognized.

Native Americans were producing solid turquoise beads, mosaic art and carvings before the traders came in and influenced their art of jewelry making. It is believed that the combined designs of turquoise beads and silver, metal or red coral in jewelry were only applied during the arrival of the settlers.

Turquoise beads remain to be one of the more popular gemstones for jewelry supplies today. It’s wide spectrum of shades offer a diverse color palette for jewelry designers and collectors. Developments in jewelry making offer many forms, shapes and designs for individual beads. Along with the assortment of colors of turquoise, this ensures a different and personal piece of jewelry. For those who believe in the power of stones, it is considered that turquoise beads hold special healing properties, and is known as the gemstone of communication. Turquoise is believed to enhance communication skills while strengthening your immune system, particularly from throat infections and allergies.

Picking the right turquoise is essential to make sure you have high quality gems. Make sure your turquoise beads come from a reputable supplier to be certain of its integrity. Because of the demand for turquoise beads and stones, there is an emergence of synthetic production of the gem to meet industry demands. A licensed gemologist can determine your gemstone’s quality. Turquoise beads are timeless in their beauty and elegance. Their history is without question and any jewelry collector should be proud and privileged to own a piece of quality turquoise bead jewelry.


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