Jewelry Beads - Seven Sources of Inspiration
Friday, July 16, 2010

Are you running out of ideas for your next beading project? Do you think you’ve exhausted all possibilities out there? Fret not. Here are nine simple things that can help you inspire creativity not just for your next set of jewelry beads but for numerous other beaded projects you can do for a long period of time. If you take this list seriously, it will inspire you to design and make jewelry beads for many years to come. Just keep a notebook handy so you may jot down every idea that comes to mind.

When creativity seems to elude you, follow these seven remarkable ideas to help you spark that inner joy and natural ability of yours to make new jewelry beads.

  1. Go visit your grandparents or parents and ask them if you can take a look inside their jewelry boxes. There could be some vintage pieces in there that you would love to duplicate using other types of beads.
  2. Go to flea markets, vintage shops and garage sales. Roam the aisles and try to notice the little broken pieces of old jewelry, interesting fabrics and various other accessories.
  3. Watching old and period movies may not be your taste but you’d be surprised at the way their jewelry and accessories looked during those times.
  4. Read old and new teen magazines, fashion magazines and the like. This will keep you up to date with the latest trends and designs in jewelry beads and help you gather information about how and where to market your beaded creations.
  5. If you used to buy commercially made beads before, check out online videos on how they make the most interesting designs. This will surely teach and inspire you to create your own unique style.
  6. Try to research accessories and ornaments from other countries then compare them with your own. You will get ideas on other designs you can do and you can even combine certain elements for you to create your own unique design of jewelry beads.
  7. Research about the meanings behind every gemstone. This will compel you to create pieces that will have some health and religious significance for you.

Jot down every spark of inspiration and idea that comes to you. Later on, you will be able to use this information in making pieces that you never thought you could do or even think of before.


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