Add Some Beads To Your Quilts
Tuesday, July 06, 2010
Quilts are great craft items ideally for covers and for gifts. Many women find these comfy blanket like designed cloth a great cover for their different furniture or other stuff at home. That is because these add to the warmth as well as to the design of the house. Plain covers will do no good especially if these make your house looks like no one is living there.

Not only that, quilts are used as blankets due to their thick and cozy feature. You can feel a bit warmer when covered with quilt on a cold night. For smaller version quilts, these are great as wall hangings to enhance decorations.

For wider materials and design to your quilts, try adding some beads. You can buy a readymade quilt and juts place your chosen beads or do your quilts from scratch. That way, you get to choose the design you want. But there are important things you must consider first before rushing on adding some beads to your quilts.

As mentioned above, quilts are used for covers. If you plan to use your quilts as cover to yourself or to some of your furniture, you may not need to add some beads. It might be to annoying to feel a few bulks when sleeping or your furniture will just have a few scratches from the continuous rub of the beads.

A good project for adding beads to your quilt is a wall hanging quilt of a personalized quilt made for gifts to your loved ones of friends. These are great since you just have to place these arts as displays. As for your gifts, you can add a personal touch by forming a beaded pattern of his or her name on the quilt or a big birthday greetings in the center. Whatever is the design, it can definitely make that person surprised and feel important.

Now, when adding your beads, do not try to use adhesives of any sticky materials. Try to secure your beaded pattern by stitching them. That way, it will not easy fall apart and can still retain the pattern and the beauty of the design in many years to come. Furthermore, a quilt last long since it is made of thick cloth and every material used in it is resilient and stitch together in the cloth.

So, why not be more creative and try to make your own artistic quilts with some bead designs.


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