Humble Features of Sterling Silver

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Jewelry has been widely used by many people all over the world. Both men and women benefit in its good purpose of adornment and enhancement of one’s physical appearance. Many types of jewelries are very popular and one mostly used and desired by many is the sterling silver.

The use of this lovely piece of jewelry goes back in the early days when civilization is still at its early beginning. Ancient Egypt used these as means to embellish their gods and are used for particular ceremonies and rituals. All throughout history, silver has been renowned all over the world and most of its existence is made into fine sterling silver jewelries.

Nowadays, silver has increased its popular by being the most preferred type of jewelry. Although it might rank second to yellow gold, sterling silver are sought after in terms of jewelries and are more desired than the yellow gold.

The characteristic of a sterling silver is minimalistic. It is very simple but elegant and sleek when used as jewelry. The yellow gold, comparatively, is mostly ostentatious with all its shine and brilliance. However, the sterling silver stays in a low light in all simplicity and modesty. That is why, many people would rather buy sterling silver jewelries than a fine yellow gold.

Aside from its simplicity and elegance, sterling silver is more affordable than the yellow gold. Since there are no karats included in this jewelry, no added cost are priced on every sterling silver jewelry. Most gold jewelries stay on the high price range due to its number of karats. The more karats one jewelry has, the pricier it is.

Many people enjoy wearing silver jewelries because it is so flexible. You can wear it on a casual wear or use it for added beauty on a glamorous night. It can even match with any type of skin color.

Sterling silver maintains its character of simplicity, modesty and elegance. People who wants to adorn themselves with fine jewelries but wants to stay behind the spotlight should go for sterling silver. It is like buying more for a lesser price.


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