Shared Time with Family and Friends through Bead Making

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Bead making is a fun hobby when you have leisure time alone. But, did you know that through bead making, you are not only creating masterpieces of beautiful beaded jewelries but also a bond between your families or your friends?

If you do your beaded jewelries in an environment where your friends are gathered around you and also do their bead making, you will feel that you can share almost anything in this world. While finishing your beaded projects, you and your friends can gossip, share secrets and even laugh your hearts out. In the end of that fun beading session, you’ll realize that you wanted to try it another day.

In addition, all of you can impart ideas on how to enhance each other’s beaded jewelries or perhaps even share on bead supplies if others may not have their own. The benefit of doing a common hobby is more than just having someone who shares your interest.Bead making is also a good way to be closer to your family. In sharing your knowledge on bead making, you can lend a hand on your sister’s project and add some of your beads to her creative assignments. You may also teach her how to do her own beaded jewelries. That way, you two can have a quality time doing your beads as well as gain her trust that you are always there to help her.

You can also help in enhancing or decorating your homes in special occasions through beaded decorations and accessories. Create some bead strings and place it around your walls to produce some sparkles in your house on a fun dinner party. Or you can even make some yuletide beaded ornaments and put some in your Christmas tree. Not only will you make your house readily decorated for any occasions, you will make your mother proud on the cost you saved from buying added decorations and the beauty you created in your home.


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