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Monday, June 21, 2010
Have you just started learning how to do bead jewelry and accessories? Perhaps, you’re still not familiar with all the terminology involved in this craft. Well, fret not because you have a lifetime to learn about all this and there’s no better time to start than now. Sooner or later, you too will become an expert and create your own wonderful bead jewelry designs.

For now, let me teach you about one of the jewelry making supplies you will need for your beaded accessory: lobster claw clasp.

"Lobster claw". Sounds scary. For the hungry ones, it sounds like food. Actually, this is a generic term for all types of clasps that can open and close. Clasps like this have the ability to hold both ends of the bead jewelry together through its locking mechanism. Some makers and designers of bead jewelry use lobster claw clasps, not just for closing, but to also attach charms. If the lobster claw looks fancier than usual, it can also act as a visual centerpiece of a necklace.

You might want to learn more about the classifications of lobster claw. Here they are:

Pelican and Specialty Trigger Clasps: They are curved clasps with trigger located at the outer convex surface.

Balloon Clasps: They have longer thinner construction, are oval in shape, require less metal than other oval-shaped clasps, therefore, are a lot lighter in weight.

Swivel Clasps: This is also a kind of oval clasp where its base tend to rotate separately from the rest of the claw. This allows the bead jewelry more freedom in movement and gives the wearer more comfort.

Other Specialty Clasps – heart trigger clasps, cat trigger clasps, elephant trigger clasps.

There are some designers and bead jewelry consumers who see lobster claw as less stylish than a toggle bar. But then they prove to be more secure when fastening bead jewelry and other accessories. When buying these things, just make sure that the trigger is working, does not stick and does not pop. Choose from the many different designs and have fun making your bead jewelry.


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