Turquoise Beads: How Sensitive Are They?!

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Turquoise beads are only some of the many semi precious stone beads there is and taking essential care for these valuable stones is a must. Unlike other beads, turquoise beads can be very sensitive. It can easily be scratched or chipped if not taken with proper care.

If you love wearing beaded jewelries and specifically likes having a complete collection of turquoise beads in your necklaces, bracelets and other kinds, then you must know the basics behind cleaning and handling these jewelries to ensure you longer lasting usage of these elegant beads.

Turquoise beads are not as sturdy as you think. It is wise then to store these beads in a safe place away from other hard beads and jewelries to avoid some scratches when in contact with the others.

In addition, you must make sure that you do not drop them on the floor or anywhere since it can chip off or break if the impact is too strong. In fact, make sure that all your precious jewelries are not dropped on the floor to refrain from breakage.

Furthermore, we often wanted to smell so good that we spray on overwhelming amount of perfume or cologne in our body. The fact is that we do not only put some of these scents in our body but in our things.

However, did you know that your jewelries are allergic to these scents? Well, if not all jewelries, then turquoise beads are. They can fade or look very old if often in contact with these elements.

If you really care for your things and think of wanting them for a long time, then do all means to make sure that they will look good as the time you bought or made them. Caring for these turquoise beads can be exhaustive, still, it yields great results.


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