Style Up Your Wrist With Eco-Friendly Tagua Nut Bracelet

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
Every woman needs to feel pretty most of the time, and that includes even the young ones. Typically, one need not work very hard to attain a certain look or make a unique statement. Oftentimes, it just takes wearing a particular colorful accessory or jewelry to complete a desired look, or to make you look uptown and trendy.

One accessory that can make you draw a crowd’s attention is a nifty, stylish, and colorful tagua nut bracelet. Tagua nuts are seeds of a palm-like tree belonging to the ciclantaceus, with the scientific name is Phytelephas Aequatorialis Macrocarpa. They grow in tropical rain forests of South American countries like Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. Even by this alone, a bracelet made of tagua nut already sounds so exotic.

Wait until you hear that these tagua nuts, once dried, can actually be carved just like that of an ivory. It’s no wonder that they are also traded as vegetable ivory or vegan ivory, as a substitute for elephant ivory, used not just for beads, but for buttons, figurines and other fine jewelry as well. This curbs the killing incidence of elephants for their ivory husks, and tremendously stimulates the South American local economies in the process.

Bracelets and other jewelry made from the tagua nut is a unique and eco-friendly way to accessorize any of your outfits. Tagua nuts, once dried, can be dyed into a myriad different colors, which is why they are perfectly made into trendy and stylish bracelets perfect for a girl of any age. Even when this is the only accessory you wear, the vibrancy and flair their color brings is enough to make you look groovy and feel pretty.

Try donning a tagua nut bracelet today. Better if you can make one for yourself to mix and match with your various outfits. Doing so will not only bring a stunning look to your wrist, but you have helped saved the environment and the economy as well.


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