Basic Jewelry Findings - Get To Know Them

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jewelry findings may seem insignificant to most non-jewelry makers but they are essential requirements when it comes to jewelry bead making. They help make a piece of jewelry look more finished and professional looking.

Aside from eyepins, headpins and clasps, the following are some of the other most basic jewelry findings:

Crimp Beads

They are an essential part of every jewelry maker's toolbox, especially for those who are working with beads. These simple beads, usually in silver, are used to cover knots in the thread as well as secure a loop in a necklace or bracelet string so that the jewelry maker can attach a jump-ring to the loop in order to complete a clasp. The metal is typically soft. After putting the crimp bead in position, a pair of crimping pliers or flat-nose can be used to compress the bead and secure it in place. Try practicing a few times until you get the hang of compressing the finding without distorting it. There are a number of ways in creating styles and it all depends on how you hold your pliers.

Earring Wires

For those of you who are making earrings, you should also have a stock of silver findings in your bead containers. These earring wires have either loops on the end, so you can design a 'teardrop' style with a bead, a drilled pearl attached, or those with flat head ends. These earring wires support a bead or series of beads on the length of the wire. It would be wise if you can invest in sterling silver findings, since some people tend to be allergic to the nickel coated wires. They may cost a few cents more, but the value they give to your finished products will last a lifetime.

Humble Jump Ring

This is the kind of jewelry finding that everyone used without exception. With a circle of silver wire, cutting in its circumference, it allows the ring to be opened and closed again. This makes it act as a loop between the end of a necklace and the clasp. Actually, without the jump ring, making jewelry can be more difficult.

It's not just earrings, bracelets and necklaces that make use of silver findings when making jewelry. There are actually thousands of ways to incorporate its use include costume jewelry, delivate filigree work, and every other type of jewelry you can think of. Start stocking now. As you get better with making jewelry with the help of jewelry findings, you can then start to create your own unique designs.


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