How to Repair Costume Bead Jewelry

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Thursday, June 24, 2010
Costumes that come with bead jewelry made of beads and semi-precious stones are so nice to wear. They really make the costumes stand out and they make the wearer look more striking and beautiful.

So whether you purchase costume bead jewelry for your own collection, for resale or other forms of investment, it's crucial to have that knowledge when it comes to repairing a damaged piece, or one that has missing stones, condition issues and the likes. So how does one repair it without damaging the costume?

In repairing broken bead jewelry pieces in costumes, you have to be aware of some issues first. There are some repair issues that may require a professional’s hand, while there are others that you can do yourself, and which may require time, money and effort on your part.

Below are some helpful tips on how you can go about repairing the bead jewelry in costumes:

If you don’t already have a magnifying glass or a jeweler’s loupe, now is the time to invest in one. There is that kind which you can strap on your hand, so you may leave your hands free to do other things.

When it comes to rhinestones and crystals, which are the most common problems in costume jewelry, you met set older pieces with glue, but don’t use too much. Avoid using Krazy Glue of Super Glue because it may damage the piece, especially vintage pieces. Also, don’t use hot glue because temperature changes may crack the stone. Use the kind of glue that is specifically designed for jewelry which you can find in jewelry supply websites and craft stores. Most importantly, use only enough amount, or as little as possible, for easy drying.

When it comes to putting a stone back in its proper setting, you can just wet the tip of your finger to make the stone stick and then just be careful when dropping in into the setting.

If you happen to have broken bead jewelry, unmatched earrings and other stones, save the pieces for future use. You may just find a use for them in the future. Better be safe than sorry.

Costume jewelry is made to be worn and enjoyed. By replacing the metal and replacing the missing pieces, you will give your vintage jewelry a brand new sparkle and glow plus many more years of wear.


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