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Saturday, June 19, 2010
Looking natural does not mean you take off all the makeup and all the frills in your body. You can still go on with your advocacy to nature and still look glamorous anywhere you go with some wooden bead accessories in your body.

Wooden beads are natural materials that look modish when created into trendy jewelries like bracelets, wooden necklaces or even a pair of earrings. This type of beads is flexible enough to fit any outfit for as long as you choose the appropriate type of wooden beads. It comes in different shades of wooden tint, varying sizes and shapes and can have patterns or designs available for any creative work.

The great advantage of these wooden beads is that it is so light that you will not feel the burden when worn around your neck or even in your wrist. Some types of beaded jewelries can be heavy to add to your load. In addition, wooden beads are less expensive than other types of beads hence, it becomes a fad even until these days when more selections of jewelries are introduced.

Like any other types of beads, wooden beads also need care from the person owning them. But, unlike some other types of beads, these natural beads needs less attention. Since these are predominantly made of wood, then it has a water resistant property that even if you wash your hand often, you need not to take off your wooden bracelet around your wrist.

There may be times though that some of the color may wear off but these are not considered dull. Although these colors may wear off or paints may chip off, you will still have that natural look of a real wood. Just reuse it if the strings may break off.


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