Ethnic Designs By Seed Beads

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Thursday, June 24, 2010
Seed beads are among the unique kinds of beads often used these days. Before, gemstone beads are the more popular due to their value and function. But, people these days are learning to appreciate on a more natural look. Hence, many would opt to buy natural beads such as seed beads as part of their materials in making their own decorations at home or with their work or for some people, accessories made of natural beads are what attract them the most when doing their shopping.

Mainly, seed beads are often seen in wrists of young girls but nowadays, these can be noticed as part of men accessories. Men are usually attracted to simple and plain things, mostly on the more natural and wooden. Bracelets and necklaces made of natural beads such as wooden beads and seed beads are what men prefer to buy. Of course, these men would also like to be called fashionable but mostly not undermining their manly side.Seed beads are generally small beads, often resembling seeds of fruits in terms of design, size and shapes. Usually, colors of some seeds are imitated when creating seed beads. This is because it can produce a more natural look if seen as a real seed. However, some contemporary look of a seed bead may now come in various colors and shapes to give a wider selection and option when doing some projects involving seed beads.

Mostly when using seed beads, the project may be more ethnic in appearance. This is because of the color and pattern that seed beads can create imitating a more ethnic look. If you surround yourself with many accessories using seed beads as a dominant material, you most likely look like a part of a cool modern ethnic group. Nevertheless, seed beads are not limited to body accessories only.

Many people are now exploring the other functions of a seed bead and these are in creating personalized stuffs such as decorative bags, wall hangings, table spreads and even your coasters and placemats. These are great for home use since it may add a touch of natural look to your home as well as serves both as a functional piece and as a trendy ornament to your house. Justify Full


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