Bead and Wire Jewelry for the Fashionable Entrepreneur

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Friday, June 04, 2010
There are people who crave the creativity and craftsmanship that making beaded jewelry and accessories entail. There are those who like wearing such jewelry as a fashion statement. Still, there are others who like to venture on both endeavors and become fashionable entrepreneurs. Which kind are you?

With bead and wire jewelry, you will surely learn the ropes on how to create your own style when it comes to beaded jewelry. You can sell your creations afterward or use them yourself!

In making bead and wire jewelry, the wire is made of nylon-coated, woven, stainless steel wire of an ultra fine thickness, ranging from 0.015 inches to 0.021 inches. The thinner kind of wire is commonly used for creating jewelry such as bracelets and anklets, while thicker kind of wire is used for jewelry like necklaces. Making bead and wire jewelry with your own hands is actually a great idea for beginners like you. It entails the simplest of techniques and the easiest of designs.

In making bead and wire jewelry, you might experience some kinking in the wire. This causes an unsightly appearance to the overall look of your jewelry because of the hanging of the bead strands. When this happens, the jewelry you have created might not be able to follow the contour of the neck for instance, if it is a necklace. It may easily break too. So what you do to avoid this kind of scenario is to get the kind of beading wire that is softer, more flexible, and a lot versatile.

When you have surpassed this challenge, you have to take note that the best kinds of beads for your bead and wire jewelry are the mineral, stone and glass beads. Anything that is lightweight is actually good for your bead and wire jewelry. This way, the shape stays permanent, the quality of the material is not hampered, and you get to be the fashionable entrepreneur you.


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