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Thursday, June 03, 2010
Beads first became very popular in the 1960s up to 1970s. It was the era of peace and flower power where everyone wore beaded jewelry and accessories, from beaded rings, to anklets, to earrings, necklaces and bracelets. With their beads, they carried with them their message of love and peace, no wonder those decades were the most stress-free. Well, fret not, because the beads are back!

For hobbyists who are looking for flair, fun and creativity, look no more. All you have to do is get your beading supplies and get on with this stress-free hobby! You can sell what you create or you can even wear the finished products yourself! How’s that for affordable fashion?

Speaking of affordability, starting a hobby like basic beading won’t cost you much. There is a variety of beading supplies to choose from out there in the market and they are available at art supplies or art crafts shops. There are also specialty bead shops that have the more expensive and quality beads frequently used by pro bead makers. You can also ask for free beading catalogs to be mailed to you by beading supply warehouses. And when you search online, there’s also a variety of beading supplies and resources to choose from. All you really have to do is set your mind to it and start with your new beading hobby.

To begin this new venture of yours, it is essential that you have various kinds of beads to choose from so you can create various designs and styles for your beaded jewelry and accessories (natural beads, glass beads, gemstone beads, metal beads, plastic beads, etc.) Having a variety of beads will allow you to experiment with the color combination you like, the shapes you want to play with, and the sizes of jewelry you want to create.

You will also need the rest of the following beading supplies:

- Findings, also called clasps, clamps, or closures, can also be purchased at beading shops, whether online or offline. Most findings come with instruction manual for easy use and application.

- Crimping beads are also needed to make sure that the clasps are attached to the jewelry. They are made from flexible metal that are squeezed and come in color gold or silver, and come in many sizes.

- Beading tools like pliers, wire cutter, jeweler tweezers are not really required but needed if you want the stringing of beads to be done easier and a lot quicker.

- Stringing materials must be carefully chosen depending on the beads and your level of expertise. The most cost effective stringing materials are the mono-filaments used in fishing line although beginners typically use the flexible kind of wire so they don’t shrink, curl or stretch.

Continuous experimentation with your beading supplies will improve your motor coordination, eye for fashion, and passion for details, which are all very important in making beaded jewelry and accessories.


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