Make Your Beaded Necklace More Personal

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Friday, June 18, 2010
Admit it! We all love anything personal. We like to have stuff that has a personal touch or simply a reminder of something personal in our lives. Whether a body accessory, materials at home or even our school things, we often add something personal. We want to identify that certain thing as our own, hence, we place some labels. We wanted everything associated with us to be personalized.

A personalized necklace is no exception. You may wonder how can that be possible. It is actually very simple. Just have some letter beads, pendants or any craft materials that has a personal touch and your creative mind. You can create a beaded necklace with your name on it.

Have some small beads in the strings first. Then form your name or alias through the letter beads and one by one insert them on the strings. Finish off with some small beads having similar pattern as of the previous set of beads before your name and close your necklace. Now, everyone will know your name by looking at your personalized beaded necklace.

If you are not that comfortable with your names on your necklace, why not try your initial instead. Look for a big or medium sized pendant with your initials on it and use them on your beaded necklace. Or you can have your pictures printed in a material ideal for a pendant. Then you can carry around your picture in your neck or even together with your best friend’s picture.

You can do whatever you like to make your necklace and other frills more on your personal side. You can even enhance using different colors and patterns of different beads. Why add beads? It is because beads are flexible materials that can be used in any patterns or designs. It comes with variety of colors to choose from, shapes and sizes as well as designs that can broaden your selection and design for your jewelries.


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