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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
It is believed that pearls belong to the list of most elegant and luxurious piece of jewelry. That is quite true considering the cost of buying pearl jewelries. In addition, the shiny and classic fa├žade adds to the elegance of any of your outfits. Though pearls look timeless, it is also deemed as vulnerable to fading and damage if not handled with total care. Hence, for people owning pearl jewelries and would have the intention to retain the beauty and form of these elegant piece, do all means to clean and care for your pearl jewelries.

Maintaining a pearl jewelry is not like a simple wash and wear routine. It needs a little more effort on your part as the owner of this elegance. Since a pearl is mostly composed of organic elements, it may not last long for many generations hand down. A saltwater pearl often last for 150 years and a freshwater pearl can only last half of the lifetime of the saltwater pearls. However, if not well cared for, the years may lessen drastically.

In cleaning and using your pearl jewelries, you have to remember a few tips. As this type of bead is mostly organic, too much exposure to sunlight or to artificial heat can damage the exterior of the pearl. It will dry off and lose its luster. Pearls are moist since these are originally found in the water, thus, it needs to retain its moisture. Try rubbing these with gentle olive oil and a soft cloth or tissue to maintain its gloss.

Pearls are very sensitive. They can easily broke, chipped off or damaged if bared in harmful chemicals and compositions such as acid, artificial chemicals like perfumes, lotions, cleaning agents and the like. When really in the need to use such chemicals, avoid your pearl jewelries first before using them. Then, give a few seconds lag time after use of these chemicals, or wash your hands, and wear your pearl jewelries.

Some women even try not wearing these pearls after all the moisture in their bodies caused by lotions, creams, perfumes and even their perspiration to be certain that no dab of the chemical or acid can be in contact with their pearl jewelries.

For cleaning these beautiful pearl jewelries, wash them with gentle water and mild soap. Do not scrub or rub them to rub materials. Dry them off with a soft cloth or a tissue. You can do this occasionally to really remove chemical compounds or acid in the exterior of your pearl jewelry. You can also try re-threading your pearls for more protection when dropped on the floor.

The tendency if such instance may occur is for your pearls to scatter around the area. Sometimes, a few may be broken. A new and resilient thread is more appropriate for extra support and have each of your pearls securely tied in the thread to refrain from scattering when dropped and each of them remains intact in the thread.

Maintaining one precious item can be arduous with many things to consider. However, the result is a more elegant and beautiful pearl jewelry you can wear for many years to come, without a slight sign of fading and aging.


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