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Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Oftentimes, we may feel so beautiful and glamorous that we want to express it to people not through words but through our actions. We put on the sweetest smile and prance along the hallway like a superstar.

But, did you know that what we often wear could also tell what we feel? There are days when we wake up in the morning and we suddenly feel so happy and gorgeous that we put on our best-looking clothes and accessories. Or, there are moments when we feel so glum that we just don’t care if we wear oversize t-shirts and some old jeans.

Actually, our mood does contribute to what we want to wear that day. But, we must never forget that even if we feel slightly negative one day, we will also forget to take care of our guise. The good thing is that we can feel the the doldrums and still look stylish with pendants on our necks.
Pendants these days come in many different designs. You can choose a particular pendant and match it with your mood. For instance, you feel glamorous one day and you put on your sexiest and most beautiful dress. You can match it with a shiny, big pendant. You can even choose a star pendant.

If instead you feel so holy and want to spread the good news, there are pendants with images of the Virgin Mary or Jesus. Being glum does not mean you cannot look good. If you feel that way or just do not feel anything special, try on some simple necklaces or black ones to express your dark feeling.

You may also convey the idea that you are a Chinese with Chinese style pendants or a fanatic of music with pendants shapes like musical instruments.

Whatever is your mood that day, express it and still look fashionable.


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