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Tuesday, June 08, 2010
Africa is such a vast continent where a lot of indigenous people thrive and live. Each of these many tribes has their own form of arts and crafts, including the African trade beads. As there are many indigenous groups, there are also a variety of these African trade beads that can be made into bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other kinds of jewelry beads and artecrafts. They are made by talented craftsmen and women from all over this continent.

Examples of these African trade beads can be described as follow: Brown Ovals White Swirl, Spotted Bone Barrels, Brown Bone Fish, SpiralBone Tabs, Rainy Bone Squares, Round Bone Dominoes, Chessboard Wood Ring, White Bone Ovals, Rustic Bone Rondelles, Light Bone Hairpipe Bamboo, Light Bone Hairpipe Curvy, White Bone Rectabgles, Rustic Bracelet, Crackled Mother of pearl Wood Ring, Red and White Ring, Red and White Striped Ring, Wood Ring with Gemstone Chips in Resin, Carved Black and Red Horn Beads, Light Bone Hairpipe Wave, Embossed Darl Bone Squares, Light Bone Hairpipe wave, Ring with White Circle, Mother of and Pearl Ring.

These jewelry beads are some of the raw materials from where great African jewelry can be made. Depending on the combination of materials one will use, many stunning and gorgeous designs can be produced. For those of you who cannot afford to go to the great continent of Africa to get these original jewelry beads, you can just search online for these original pieces and materials. The internet is such a vast place for almost everything and I’m pretty sure you will be able to find the right pieces of African trade beads for the style you want to create for yourself.

These fabulous jewelry beads can be worn mostly for casual ensemble and pretty Sunday dresses. They evoke a feeling of warmth, comfort, peace and joy, as if you are in one with nature.


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