Bead Strings For Beading – Which is Which?

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Friday, June 11, 2010
When into bead making, we wanted to know the basics as well as the tips to make our bead work look good. We want to work smoothly and appropriately for us not to waste precious materials on incorrect bead making. Since beads come in pieces and can be recycled again, if not yet broken, what about your other materials such as your strings?Some strings can be recycled again if still having the appropriate length and form, but what if you start on doing your bead work and cut some strings realizing in the end that what you did is just not what you want? You can do over again and reuse your beads but you often are not able to reuse your strings.

It is essential then to know the different bead strings and threads for you to have the appropriate type of string used when doing a project. There are the Nylon wire, Memory wire, Terylene Thread, Thong, Elastic thread and the Metal Wires.

Nylon wire is not the same as nylon thread. A nylon wire is a single strand plastic often strong and inflexible while a nylon thread is a multi strand bead thread. You cannot use it for knotting since it does not knot so well. However, it has a colorless thread that makes an invisible impression for your beaded jewelry. If you want a more flexible wire, use an elastic thread instead.

Metal wires are mostly used when involving precious metal beads in the project. It is often appropriate when doing a jewelry that the wire needs not to be flexed. If ever you try to flex your metal wire, tendency is it will most like break in the end. A terylene thread is the most versatile since it is very elastic and can be great for knotting. It is good to look at but not too distracting as to defeats the beauty of your beads. Best of all, it is affordable, hence, you will really like it.

These are only some of the attributes of selected bead strings. Knowing the features and characteristics of each bead supplies is advantageous for you. It enables you to choose the right strings to use as well as save you cost of buying beads not intended to be used as well as loss of using strings that are inappropriate.


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