Style It Up On a Narrow Fund Using Natural Beads Instead

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Friday, June 04, 2010
Let us look on the different kinds of beads. There are the gemstones, the glass beads, the metal beads and the natural beads. Let us then break them into sets of example. There are the sapphire, the diamonds, the garnets and the rubies. There are also the wooden beads, the coconut beads, vegan ivory and ceramic beads.

Of the two sets of beads, which one would you desire the most? Realistically we would want the first set of beads simply because these are precious stones. We imagine ourselves looking so fashionable and attractive once we have these set of fine jewelries in our body. However, a very expensive price also complements its elegance. Hence, we just drool over them for a minute or two and walk away with empty hands.

But don’t despair because even though we cannot afford these precious jewels, we can still prance with heads up on stylish natural beads. We can flair ourselves with the natural beauty of these beads. Wooden beads and coconut beads are great for an outdoor trip, mother of pearls will look fantastic in a formal wear and some ceramic beads will be just right while going to school or visit your grandma.

There is no reason to sulk ourselves in the corner for not having those precious stones. We can always look good if we just know how to be creative in many alternative materials and come up with a trendy match in our accessories and clothes.

The good thing is you do not have to spend more just to style. If you only have a limited budget for glam, then natural beads are perfect for you. You can be modish anytime with only a few bucks to spend.


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