Colors Make the World of Beading Beautiful

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Friday, June 11, 2010
Have you ever imagine living in a world of black and white? It may seem dull, lack of energy and emotion, but it still exists, and we can get used to it minus the liveliness. Likewise, if we apply these to our things, it will not seem attractive and bubbly.

Colors may come in variety and like its diversity, it has different meanings and emotions that can make someone feel alive or dead. For instance, bright colors like pink, yellow and orange makes one feels so light and happy. Moreover, dark colors feel morbid and bleak. Yet these days, colors may be mixed together in many patterns that create a funky feeling.
In beading, you can mix and match colors of different beads to form selection of great designs. You can mix some colors of red, yellow and orange beads to have that sunny feeling. Or probably have some blue colored beads and green colored beads to convey a longing for the blue sea or the ocean.

Perhaps you feel like you are close to the nature, hence, combine some greens of different hues, pink, red and yellow beads for the flowers and some brown colored beads for the soil.

It may be depending on your discretion what you want to do with the different mixtures of colors. But make sure that you create a worthy combination to even create a perfect design.
Colors make up the wonderful sights in the world. As a craft enthusiast, your goal is to make sure that the world is seen in full colors through your great creations. It may be through your trendy clothes, beaded accessories, colorful slippers or even your multicolored notebook; you sure will spread beautiful colors.


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