Organize Your Beads and Supplies for Easier Beading

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Beading can be so much fun with all the creative designs you can think of, you will have limited time for so many patterns and styles to create. Yet, beading can also be exhausting especially when you get to the end part of the whole process, the clean up. It may sound simple but with all the different beads ranging from different colors and sizes as well as your used strings and some beading supplies, you will be too annoyed and hoping to finish as quickly as possible.

If you rush on putting away your beads supplies, your next session of beading will be focused more on identifying and sorting your beads and other supplies that you failed to do so in your previous session. So to lessen the hassle and the annoyance of trying to sort which beads to use or not, try to organize your beads supplies at first hand and you will eventually have a smooth flow in beading.

Organizing your beads supplies can be easy if you have the proper things to aid you in arranging your supplies. First, you must find storage boxes or containers for your different beads supplies such as your beads, your strings and other beading tools. Then, sort out your different beads. Since beads are the most intricate and numerous in varieties among your beads supplies, you must try to sort out your beads first.

You can either separate the beads according to kinds, sizes or colors. If you are into bead making and not really concern with the types of beads to use, you can classify these according to colors instead. After you sort them, you can place these beads in different containers. It is ideal to keep these beads in glass storage to be able to see the items clearly from the outside. If you do not have any glass storage or transparent ones, you can label these containers according to what is inside.

After all the sorting of your beads, storing and labeling, you can store the rest of the supplies. For easy carry and transport, you can have a storage similar to a toolbox wherein many compartments are inside to classify the various supplies. It is also easy to take it with you outside your homes and have easier and faster beading.

Making things in order will make your work more convenient and faster. It will also make your working tools clean and nice to look at without the clutter.


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