Bring Your Bead and Wire Jewelry Talent Into Your Home

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Bead and wire jewelry are not the only things you do with your craft and bead supplies. You can also apply your creativity and craftsmanship in making other things inside your home look even more beautiful and presentable, not just to you, but to your family and guests as well. Let your imagination run free and think of other alternative ways to use your bead supplies. You can add flair to an ordinary pair of jeans for instance by sewing some beaded design on it. You can make a vase look more attractive with beads and ribbons. You can add some beaded decoration to your wine glasses to make each one more personal for your guests. And the list goes on. There is absolutely no limit to what you can come up with. You may experiment and go with the flow of inspiration.

Here are other fantastic suggestions on where you apply your creativity when it comes to using bead and wire jewelry:

Phone Charm

Since almost everyone has a mobile phone these days, it now becomes a part of a person’s everyday getup. You may decorate your phone using bead and wire jewelry to make it match your day’s getup.


If you are the bookworm type, why not embellish your bookmarks with bead and wire jewelry? A little eye candy when reading is good for the brain, plus it will definitely make the book look more enticing to read.

Candle Centerpiece

If you’re the type who likes having romantic candlit dinner at home, why not go all the way by decorating your candlesticks too? You can match it with the color and style of your table cloth. This way, a little glamour and style is added to the whole ambience of your dinner.

Other Areas Around the House

You can decorate door knobs, drawer handles as well as keys with bead and wire jewelry to make your home look more trendy and fashionable. Lamps are also a great spot to let your creativity shine. Choose crystal beads and attractive wire, They will definitely light up the room once the lamp is turned on especially at night. They may even help spark enthralling conversations with your guests.

Making bead and wire jewelry is an art that is not exclusive to jewelry and accessories. They can be used and applied to almost anything and everything. Start bringing out the artist in you through bead and wire jewelry applications.


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