Love Is In The Air With Some Rose Quartz Beads

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Have you been in love? Well, for some people reading this article, the answer may vary in three choices – either a “yes and so?”, a “no and tell me more” or “I do not care at all”.

For some who answered yes, good for you.

For those who answered no, do not lose hope on love. “A love waited longer is a love that lasts forever.”

And to those who do not care about such topics, just hang on since you can get something out of this.

If you have been in love and you wanted more love or you haven’t been in love but wanting love to come your way, here are some information on what a single bead can do for you.

A Rose Quartz bead is also known as the love bead. It generates all the positive forces of love to create a way for you and thus you will find love. Many believers of such similar ideas and psychic thoughts attest to the love power of a Rose Quartz bead.

Some say that they found their soul mate easier when they were wearing jewelries made of Rose Quartz. Others even say that their love for their partners grew stronger by the time they have in possession some Rose Quartz.

The power of the Rose Quartz is strongest when worn by people. It can be made into a bracelet, a necklace and even an addition to your bags and pouches. It is also deemed that when you place some Rose Quartz under your pillow will make your soul mate appear in your dreams. Moreover, it is able to draw in love, make one fertile and can grow love even from someone having a heart of stone.

It may not be believable for many but faith sometimes proves its worth. No matter what impossible things one can imagine, for as long as he has faith that it will come true, then it will. The same applies to love. Believe in it and it will make a romantic path for you.


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