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Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Most seed beads are tiny that stringing them together can become a daunting task sometimes. But don’t fret too much because there are now available ways on how you can make stringing seed beads a lot more fun. Take note of the following useful information to help you get started with your seed beads project:

Bead Sizes

The usual range of sizes for beads jewelry supplies like seed beads is between 5/0 to 28/0. Beads with smaller number are the bigger ones while beads with the larger number are the smaller ones. This means that beads with size 28/0 are so tiny that it becomes difficult to string them together. The most common bead size available for seed beads is 11/0. With this size, you would need about 17 beads strung together in order to create an inch of beads. Those seed beads in size 6/0 (4mm wide) are called “E beads” and they are the ones typically used in crochet and knitting projects.

Beading Needles

When it comes to the size of the needles, it uses the same gauge as the size of the beads (the smaller number, the bigger the needle). The best thing to do when buying needles for stringing of seed beads is to buy one that is at least one size smaller than the size of the seed bead. For example, if you are working on seed beads size 10/0, it would be best to use a needle that is #11. This way, your needle will surely fit the hole of your beads, making it easy for your seed beads to be strung together.

Stringing Materials

1. Nymo is currently the most popular kind of thread used for stringing seed beads. It is colored and looks like dental floss.

2. Silamid is also a popular kind of thread for stringing seed beads. The good thing about this thread is that it is prewaxed, a lot stronger, and less stiff than Nymo which make it easy for threading.

3. Elastic Nylon is the kind of thread used for quick and easy projects.

4. Flexible Beading Wire or beading cable comes in a wide array of gauges (widths). It is made up of several strands of fine steel wire coated with nylon.

Stringing Pre-Strung Beads

Buying a set of seed beads that were already temporarily pre-strung is a wise choice. This way, you get to string a lot of beads at one time, and very quickly by feeding them to your own wire or threaded needle, going through the holes, and transferring them to your own string as you remove them from their temporary string.
Stringing Loose Beads

When stringing loose seed beads, get a small, shallow bowl and put all your loose seed beads in it. Run your threaded wires or needles through the seed beads until you get to pick up a bunch of them by your needle or wire.

Using a Bead Spinner

When using a bead spinner, which is a stringing tool that is made up of a spinning bowl on a spindle, put all the seed beads into a bowl, insert a wire or threaded needle into bowl, then spin. The beads will then automatically hop on.

There is really no need for you to be intimidated by beads jewelry supplies like these tiny seed beads. With a little patience and practice, you’ll be threading seed beads effortlessly and making delightful designs and accessories.


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