Beading Supplies – Know How to Store Them Well

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Thursday, June 17, 2010
Beads are so wonderful to look at, especially if you have tons of them, made of various materials that come in different sizes and shapes. They help create wonderful, one of a kind pieces of accessories and jewelry. But how do you store your beading supplies properly? You can’t just leave them lying around. They may cause some minor accidents inside the house or worse, your child, or little kid brother or sister might pick them up and eat them! Wouldn’t it be nice if you store them properly so that any time you want to use them and finish that unique piece of bracelet or necklace you’re making, you easily know where to find them?

Here are some examples of storage pieces you can use for your beading supplies:


These are tiny containers that are typically used for storing seed beads since they are very tiny too. They are also sometimes used for medicine tablets and are stacked up one after another. This way, if you get to open only the portion you want while the others remain sealed and secured. Get ones which have snap closure to secure your beads inside.

Bead Cases

There are many kinds of bead cases. Some have slots while some have acid-free tacky surface on top and bottom portion of the bead case. When bead cases are used, beads don’t easily slip from inside. This way, you’d use needles to pick up your tiny beads. They’re perfect for traveling and for using at home.

Bead Organizers

Bead organizers come at different sizes. Some are large, some are medium, and some are small. They have compartments inside so you can easily segregate your beads in one place. This way, if you need to do an intricate design which uses a number of different beads and gemstones, you can all easily carry them with you with the help of a bead organizer.

Bead Storage Drawers

Bead drawers are like the bead organizers. The only difference is that they come with pull out drawers. This is better for home use rather than for travel, unless your bead drawer can be shut closed and secured. The drawers pull out for easy access to needles, tweezers or other small items.

These are just some of the best storage places for all your beading supplies. With them, you can practically do beading anytime and anywhere.


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