Silver Jewelry Findings Add Character to Jewelry Design
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To make any beaded jewelry look more elegant, sophisticated and expensive, silver jewelry findings are added, either as the star of the show, or to enhance the overall look of the beaded accessory. Silvery jewelry findings help accentuate the intricate wire designs and make bead jewelry a lot more interesting.

There are various kinds of silver jewelry findings. They are:

• Bali-style: This kind of silver findings is very popular among bead jewelry makers. They come in a wide array of shapes and sizes such as heart, coin, saucer, square, oval-hexagon and oval. Sterling silver Bali-style charms make jewelry exude a tribal flair making it look more exotic.
• Corrugated: This kind of silver findings are the hollow metal beads which appear like a tube or donut and are usually used as spacers. Corrugations can be either straight or spiral around the bead. The most typical sizes range from 3mm to 7mm range.
• Fancy: This kind of silver findings refers to any bead that is not spherical in shape. These are the ones that are embellished with crystals, cut, saucer-shaped, corrugated (straight or twisted), and stardust.
• Israel: This kind of silver findings can be purchased in flower or barrel shapes, with size ranging from12.5mm to14mm.
• Mirror-cut: This kind of silver findings make the jewelry sparkle from afar as they reflect light. They come in round and rice shapes.
• Round and Smooth: This kind of silver findings is available in various sizes which offer a more classic and traditional look. Typically, they are strung together. But to give the jewelry more character, they can be used as spacers as well, alternating between round and smooth or smooth and textured metal beads.
• Roundel (Randell): This kind of silver findings are actually flat on the sides and not round. They can be used as spacers or accents to highlight the beauty of the jewelry.
• Satin-finish: This kind of silver findings come in dull finish instead of shiny. They do this by using chemical or by sandblasting.
• Stardust: This kind of silver findings also have rough texture. They are typically used as spacers with sizes ranging .010mm to 6.3mm.

With a wide variety of silver jewelry findings to choose from, you will never run out of interesting designs for your jewelry. Use them well and show off that wonderful jewelry.


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