Attain Higher Knowledge and Wisdom When Wearing Coral Beads
Friday, May 28, 2010

They say most of us women are vain. We like to wear what’s hip and cool; we like donning what’s trendy and fashionable; and this goes for jewelry too. It’s not just something to accessorize our overall look, but we make sure they’re affordable, comfortable, and go with our overall personality too. So, whether you’re a diamond person, or the one who goes for the plastic kind, or the one who likes beads and crystals or the metallic type, wearing jewelry, in one way or another, definitely brings out the best in you.

On the other hand, what others don’t know is that wearing some jewelry can also be about amplifying the psychic power that is in you. What do I mean by this?

All of us have some form of psychic abilities to some extent. But because we lead such busy and harried lives, we unknowingly just set them aside. Coral beads, for instance, can help you to effortlessly tap into your higher self. Coral beads are not just about admiring or wearing this red or pink gem made from the skeleton of a coral species. Even without you knowing it, coral beads can help you attain higher knowledge and wisdom. The way coral beads are made, they vibrate at certain frequencies that coincide with the vibrations of your higher brain power. The result? You become smarter than usual, and you don’t even have to try. You just have to wear coral beads!

People who know of this secret wear coral beads when they go to important meetings, or take the board exams. They don this special gem when they need some assistance in being able to think quickly and clearly. You can too. Now, you not only explore the new trends that change from time to time; you not just wear what’s new and in style; you also get to improve the ways of your mind and increase your level of thinking. And this is all because of coral beads.


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