The Truth About Agate Stones and Its Psychic Powers
Friday, May 28, 2010
As soon as puberty sets in, we see many women begin to take an interest in wearing jewelry -- from plastic to metal, to precious stones and beads. These stylish and flashy accessories are oftentimes a must because they make women and girls alike even more pretty. But did you know that some jewelry have other uses aside from just making you look dashing and chichi?

Take agate stones for instance. Agate stones are considered semi-precious, being one of the oldest and most powerful stones in recorded history. It is known to ward off storms as early as the biblical times. They are a microcrystalline variety of quartz silica, particularly that of chalcedony, and are chiefly noticed for their fine grain and bright colors. Agate stones are traditionally associated with volcanic rocks, but are typical among metamorphic rocks as well. Sounds pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Being semi-precious in nature, prized for its antiquity, and having fine texture and vibrant colors, it was no wonder when agate stones were soon made into beads for jewelry, starting as early as the Babylonian times. They can match any style, color and make of any outfit when worn as a necklace, a pendant, an earring, a ring, and a bracelet, and are not as expensive as other semi-precious stones and crystals.

The most interesting thing to note here when wearing agate crystals is that they can help bring about psychic healing and power to whoever wears them the most. With agate stones, one can achieve strength, healing and protection. They can aid a person against bad dreams and give protection against the daily stresses of life. Agate stones that come with banded colors can be placed on your head while sleeping to ensure you get to have a colorful variety of dreams.

Agate stones may also be used for those of you who usually experience stomach upsets, u

sually brought about by imbalanced emotions and stress. Even if agate stones can’t change your emotions, they will somehow influence you to accept these emotions and give you the courage to move one. The reason they are considered powerful is because they grant strength to people and help them move on.

With these things in mind, you now know that jewelry can do more than just make you look fashionable. Wear some now and achieve these healing powers. One best way to test it is when you have to make an important decision. Wear agate stones now and see its psychic powers at work.


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