Sunday, November 27, 2005
I have just sent an email to everyone with some ideas for the swap, a request for input (if you have any), and a list of questions to answer. Please, pretty please, respond before next Saturday.

If you know you're participating, and did not receive an email - please contact me and I'll make sure to put you on the mailing list.

Hopefully everyone will know who their partner is, and the exact nature of the swap project by this time next week. Then we can all have a break over Xmas, and get right into it in the new year.

I'm hoping that by giving a fairly generous chunk of time, most people will have finished their swap and have it ready for posting mid February. I'd love it if we all started receiving our parcels in the first week of March.
Thursday, November 24, 2005
This is Second String's new home. It's much easier to manage if all second string stuff is in one place.

Please use the address as before.

I'll be sending out some more information on Monday November 28th.