Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Jewelry are sometimes deceiving. You will see a girl full of jewelry and you can say that she is rich enough to buy all of those. But, when you look in details or if you ask her, you would be amazed to find that those set of jewelry are only half the price you expect. How is that so?

Having an expensive jewelry with only half the price is not impossible. It is only a matter of creating it in your own and having the right materials. You do not need to by expensive jewelry to be deemed as having an expensive jewelry. Let the jewelry deceive them.

Knowing how to create your own bead jewelry allows you to save much cost. Compare the price of a jewelry bought from a store and a jewelry you create out of your own hands. You will notice that store jewelry are more expensive than the ones created by you. This is simply because of the marked up price of the seller for added profit. No the difference between the two prices is now your savings if you try to make your own.

Materials are also a major factor in creating an expensive looking jewelry but at a cheaper price. You just need to find quality materials that are sold in a discount rate. You can attain this by going to your regular supplier and ask for discounts on bulk orders. Just save the rest of the materials for later use. The discount you gain from your orders will be your savings.

When you do your bead jewelry, use cheaper but durable and quality strings. You sometimes do not need to expose the strings therefore buy a cheaper one. It can save you much cost of buying a more expensive string but of almost similar quality.

By knowing how to make your own bead jewelry with the appropriate materials will save you much and allow you to create an expensive bead jewelry that is half the cost of a bead jewelry sold in stores.
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If you know how to work effectively with colors when making beads for jewelry, it means you have certain knowledge about color symbolization and harmony. With this knowledge, you are aware that each color has certain meaning. When colors are mixed together or combined, the resulting effect on the person exposed to it changes consequently. If you notice, when certain colors are combined in a design, the overall effect either gets subdued or gets more expressive.

There are two colors that when combined, gets more attractive and magnetic – red and black. They make a bold statement whether these colors are used in apparel or accessories. Black has always been considered as strong, deep and characterizes a receptive quality. Red, on the other hand, is the more aggressive of the two colors. When combined, they become a bold symbol for power as their dynamic energy intensifies. This is because red activates all energies around it while black allows red to sparkle further. When used in jewelry, such as when combining black pearls and red coral beads in a setting, it expresses an assertive kind of strength and a luxurious flair for fashion.

It’s not hard to create beads for jewelry using black and red as the colors. You can use glass beads or semi-precious stones like pearls and coral beads, or amber and trade beads to make the style you want for your necklace or bracelet for instance. Whatever kinds of beads you choose in making your own beads for jewelry, the possibilities of design you can make are endless. Your imagination sets the limit for what you can do. Red and black will always remain striking to almost everybody’s eyes and a combination of colors such as this will never go out of fashion. It is timeless, luxurious and elegant.

Thursday, July 22, 2010
Bead making is considered as a personal quest on creating your own bead accessories and jewelry. This is a great personal hobby after a day at school or at work. You can simply sit down in your favorite couch and let your creativity flow.

But, bead making is not limited to one person only. There are a number of bead making enthusiasts out there who has more experiences and ideas to share to people. You may be a good bead maker but your ideas are limited. You may say that books and the internet is your way to earn these ideas but then, your personal concerns may sometimes be left unanswered and the book or the internet cannot exactly answer that.

To gain more ideas as well as to meet some fellow bead making enthusiasts, starting a bead forum is a good idea. People joining the forum can ask questions and share their own ideas. Each one can contribute on how to take bead making into a higher level or how to gain more ideas for your bead jewelry designs. So much to talk about and all concerns will be answered through bead forums.

You can start one by advertising yourself. Establish a good forum place and invite people you know that share your same interest. You can start small for less than ten people but then, number of people will eventually join your forum if they see it very useful and consistent. All you need to do then is to maintain the quality of the bead forum by restricting it to the areas of bead making and not allowing scam into the forum.

As your bead forum progressed, you can even come up with projects on how to make a good cause. Have a bead jewelry bazaar and give the proceeds to charity. You can even create an organization out of your bead forum members and do things for a cause. Not only will you all enjoy the great things bead making can do but you can also put everything to a good cause.
Friday, July 16, 2010

Are you running out of ideas for your next beading project? Do you think you’ve exhausted all possibilities out there? Fret not. Here are nine simple things that can help you inspire creativity not just for your next set of jewelry beads but for numerous other beaded projects you can do for a long period of time. If you take this list seriously, it will inspire you to design and make jewelry beads for many years to come. Just keep a notebook handy so you may jot down every idea that comes to mind.

When creativity seems to elude you, follow these seven remarkable ideas to help you spark that inner joy and natural ability of yours to make new jewelry beads.

  1. Go visit your grandparents or parents and ask them if you can take a look inside their jewelry boxes. There could be some vintage pieces in there that you would love to duplicate using other types of beads.
  2. Go to flea markets, vintage shops and garage sales. Roam the aisles and try to notice the little broken pieces of old jewelry, interesting fabrics and various other accessories.
  3. Watching old and period movies may not be your taste but you’d be surprised at the way their jewelry and accessories looked during those times.
  4. Read old and new teen magazines, fashion magazines and the like. This will keep you up to date with the latest trends and designs in jewelry beads and help you gather information about how and where to market your beaded creations.
  5. If you used to buy commercially made beads before, check out online videos on how they make the most interesting designs. This will surely teach and inspire you to create your own unique style.
  6. Try to research accessories and ornaments from other countries then compare them with your own. You will get ideas on other designs you can do and you can even combine certain elements for you to create your own unique design of jewelry beads.
  7. Research about the meanings behind every gemstone. This will compel you to create pieces that will have some health and religious significance for you.

Jot down every spark of inspiration and idea that comes to you. Later on, you will be able to use this information in making pieces that you never thought you could do or even think of before.

Thursday, July 08, 2010
Bead making is more than just a hobby. Many people these days find their hobby more than just a leisure experience but can be a great business venture due to its unique designs and features as well as attractive colors. Beaded jewelries are great for selling to people who wants to be more fashionable and think of embellishments in the body as a means of expression.

If you have the urge to sell your beaded creations, just go on and sell them. This will not be a regret because these beaded jewelries are in demand and have valued cost.

Yet, consider the overwhelming supply and competitors these days, you must also do some marketing strategies in order to generate a good market for your beaded jewelries hence, be more successful in your business venture.

A good exposure is one way to make people know that you are selling beaded jewelries. And letting them know you sell some will entice them to check out your creations and eventually buy some. If they like it, they will consider you as a good supplier of their beaded accessories and your business is just on its way to a success.

But, it takes more effort to be exposed. Here are some of the tips you can find in order to get a good advertisement for your beaded jewelries.

One is media advertisement. What more could be effective than allowing media to do the exposure for you. You can rent an ad space in a print ad or promote your beads in TV. The scope will be greater than you can imagine and phone calls as well as emails will be too many to handle. Yet, this means a lot of cost for you.

Another is by doing the promotions by yourself. You can expose your beaded jewelries by simply wearing them. When you wear them, people will see how beautiful your beaded jewelries are and may ask you were you might get it. Then, business starts. Just work great on your negotiations.
Creating a launching is also a great exposure by organizing a party or a mini gathering and presenting your beaded jewelries will let people be aware of what you sell.

You can also try to get affiliations in related craft stores or shops that have more customers each day. Rent a space where you can display your beaded jewelries and people who come in and go will have a good look and even be enticed to purchase one of your beads.

Lastly, try getting some help with your friends and families. A good word of mouth is always an effective way to advertise your beaded jewelries. People always believe and buy items endorsed by their friends and families.

In every advertisement you make, always have a business card bearing your name and contact information. You do not want to make your customers wonder where you can be found.
Tuesday, July 06, 2010
Quilts are great craft items ideally for covers and for gifts. Many women find these comfy blanket like designed cloth a great cover for their different furniture or other stuff at home. That is because these add to the warmth as well as to the design of the house. Plain covers will do no good especially if these make your house looks like no one is living there.

Not only that, quilts are used as blankets due to their thick and cozy feature. You can feel a bit warmer when covered with quilt on a cold night. For smaller version quilts, these are great as wall hangings to enhance decorations.

For wider materials and design to your quilts, try adding some beads. You can buy a readymade quilt and juts place your chosen beads or do your quilts from scratch. That way, you get to choose the design you want. But there are important things you must consider first before rushing on adding some beads to your quilts.

As mentioned above, quilts are used for covers. If you plan to use your quilts as cover to yourself or to some of your furniture, you may not need to add some beads. It might be to annoying to feel a few bulks when sleeping or your furniture will just have a few scratches from the continuous rub of the beads.

A good project for adding beads to your quilt is a wall hanging quilt of a personalized quilt made for gifts to your loved ones of friends. These are great since you just have to place these arts as displays. As for your gifts, you can add a personal touch by forming a beaded pattern of his or her name on the quilt or a big birthday greetings in the center. Whatever is the design, it can definitely make that person surprised and feel important.

Now, when adding your beads, do not try to use adhesives of any sticky materials. Try to secure your beaded pattern by stitching them. That way, it will not easy fall apart and can still retain the pattern and the beauty of the design in many years to come. Furthermore, a quilt last long since it is made of thick cloth and every material used in it is resilient and stitch together in the cloth.

So, why not be more creative and try to make your own artistic quilts with some bead designs.