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Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Jewelry has been widely used by many people all over the world. Both men and women benefit in its good purpose of adornment and enhancement of one’s physical appearance. Many types of jewelries are very popular and one mostly used and desired by many is the sterling silver.

The use of this lovely piece of jewelry goes back in the early days when civilization is still at its early beginning. Ancient Egypt used these as means to embellish their gods and are used for particular ceremonies and rituals. All throughout history, silver has been renowned all over the world and most of its existence is made into fine sterling silver jewelries.

Nowadays, silver has increased its popular by being the most preferred type of jewelry. Although it might rank second to yellow gold, sterling silver are sought after in terms of jewelries and are more desired than the yellow gold.

The characteristic of a sterling silver is minimalistic. It is very simple but elegant and sleek when used as jewelry. The yellow gold, comparatively, is mostly ostentatious with all its shine and brilliance. However, the sterling silver stays in a low light in all simplicity and modesty. That is why, many people would rather buy sterling silver jewelries than a fine yellow gold.

Aside from its simplicity and elegance, sterling silver is more affordable than the yellow gold. Since there are no karats included in this jewelry, no added cost are priced on every sterling silver jewelry. Most gold jewelries stay on the high price range due to its number of karats. The more karats one jewelry has, the pricier it is.

Many people enjoy wearing silver jewelries because it is so flexible. You can wear it on a casual wear or use it for added beauty on a glamorous night. It can even match with any type of skin color.

Sterling silver maintains its character of simplicity, modesty and elegance. People who wants to adorn themselves with fine jewelries but wants to stay behind the spotlight should go for sterling silver. It is like buying more for a lesser price.
Tuesday, June 29, 2010
It is believed that pearls belong to the list of most elegant and luxurious piece of jewelry. That is quite true considering the cost of buying pearl jewelries. In addition, the shiny and classic fa├žade adds to the elegance of any of your outfits. Though pearls look timeless, it is also deemed as vulnerable to fading and damage if not handled with total care. Hence, for people owning pearl jewelries and would have the intention to retain the beauty and form of these elegant piece, do all means to clean and care for your pearl jewelries.

Maintaining a pearl jewelry is not like a simple wash and wear routine. It needs a little more effort on your part as the owner of this elegance. Since a pearl is mostly composed of organic elements, it may not last long for many generations hand down. A saltwater pearl often last for 150 years and a freshwater pearl can only last half of the lifetime of the saltwater pearls. However, if not well cared for, the years may lessen drastically.

In cleaning and using your pearl jewelries, you have to remember a few tips. As this type of bead is mostly organic, too much exposure to sunlight or to artificial heat can damage the exterior of the pearl. It will dry off and lose its luster. Pearls are moist since these are originally found in the water, thus, it needs to retain its moisture. Try rubbing these with gentle olive oil and a soft cloth or tissue to maintain its gloss.

Pearls are very sensitive. They can easily broke, chipped off or damaged if bared in harmful chemicals and compositions such as acid, artificial chemicals like perfumes, lotions, cleaning agents and the like. When really in the need to use such chemicals, avoid your pearl jewelries first before using them. Then, give a few seconds lag time after use of these chemicals, or wash your hands, and wear your pearl jewelries.

Some women even try not wearing these pearls after all the moisture in their bodies caused by lotions, creams, perfumes and even their perspiration to be certain that no dab of the chemical or acid can be in contact with their pearl jewelries.

For cleaning these beautiful pearl jewelries, wash them with gentle water and mild soap. Do not scrub or rub them to rub materials. Dry them off with a soft cloth or a tissue. You can do this occasionally to really remove chemical compounds or acid in the exterior of your pearl jewelry. You can also try re-threading your pearls for more protection when dropped on the floor.

The tendency if such instance may occur is for your pearls to scatter around the area. Sometimes, a few may be broken. A new and resilient thread is more appropriate for extra support and have each of your pearls securely tied in the thread to refrain from scattering when dropped and each of them remains intact in the thread.

Maintaining one precious item can be arduous with many things to consider. However, the result is a more elegant and beautiful pearl jewelry you can wear for many years to come, without a slight sign of fading and aging.
Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jewelry findings may seem insignificant to most non-jewelry makers but they are essential requirements when it comes to jewelry bead making. They help make a piece of jewelry look more finished and professional looking.

Aside from eyepins, headpins and clasps, the following are some of the other most basic jewelry findings:

Crimp Beads

They are an essential part of every jewelry maker's toolbox, especially for those who are working with beads. These simple beads, usually in silver, are used to cover knots in the thread as well as secure a loop in a necklace or bracelet string so that the jewelry maker can attach a jump-ring to the loop in order to complete a clasp. The metal is typically soft. After putting the crimp bead in position, a pair of crimping pliers or flat-nose can be used to compress the bead and secure it in place. Try practicing a few times until you get the hang of compressing the finding without distorting it. There are a number of ways in creating styles and it all depends on how you hold your pliers.

Earring Wires

For those of you who are making earrings, you should also have a stock of silver findings in your bead containers. These earring wires have either loops on the end, so you can design a 'teardrop' style with a bead, a drilled pearl attached, or those with flat head ends. These earring wires support a bead or series of beads on the length of the wire. It would be wise if you can invest in sterling silver findings, since some people tend to be allergic to the nickel coated wires. They may cost a few cents more, but the value they give to your finished products will last a lifetime.

Humble Jump Ring

This is the kind of jewelry finding that everyone used without exception. With a circle of silver wire, cutting in its circumference, it allows the ring to be opened and closed again. This makes it act as a loop between the end of a necklace and the clasp. Actually, without the jump ring, making jewelry can be more difficult.

It's not just earrings, bracelets and necklaces that make use of silver findings when making jewelry. There are actually thousands of ways to incorporate its use include costume jewelry, delivate filigree work, and every other type of jewelry you can think of. Start stocking now. As you get better with making jewelry with the help of jewelry findings, you can then start to create your own unique designs.

Seed beads are among the unique kinds of beads often used these days. Before, gemstone beads are the more popular due to their value and function. But, people these days are learning to appreciate on a more natural look. Hence, many would opt to buy natural beads such as seed beads as part of their materials in making their own decorations at home or with their work or for some people, accessories made of natural beads are what attract them the most when doing their shopping.

Mainly, seed beads are often seen in wrists of young girls but nowadays, these can be noticed as part of men accessories. Men are usually attracted to simple and plain things, mostly on the more natural and wooden. Bracelets and necklaces made of natural beads such as wooden beads and seed beads are what men prefer to buy. Of course, these men would also like to be called fashionable but mostly not undermining their manly side.Seed beads are generally small beads, often resembling seeds of fruits in terms of design, size and shapes. Usually, colors of some seeds are imitated when creating seed beads. This is because it can produce a more natural look if seen as a real seed. However, some contemporary look of a seed bead may now come in various colors and shapes to give a wider selection and option when doing some projects involving seed beads.

Mostly when using seed beads, the project may be more ethnic in appearance. This is because of the color and pattern that seed beads can create imitating a more ethnic look. If you surround yourself with many accessories using seed beads as a dominant material, you most likely look like a part of a cool modern ethnic group. Nevertheless, seed beads are not limited to body accessories only.

Many people are now exploring the other functions of a seed bead and these are in creating personalized stuffs such as decorative bags, wall hangings, table spreads and even your coasters and placemats. These are great for home use since it may add a touch of natural look to your home as well as serves both as a functional piece and as a trendy ornament to your house. Justify Full
Costumes that come with bead jewelry made of beads and semi-precious stones are so nice to wear. They really make the costumes stand out and they make the wearer look more striking and beautiful.

So whether you purchase costume bead jewelry for your own collection, for resale or other forms of investment, it's crucial to have that knowledge when it comes to repairing a damaged piece, or one that has missing stones, condition issues and the likes. So how does one repair it without damaging the costume?

In repairing broken bead jewelry pieces in costumes, you have to be aware of some issues first. There are some repair issues that may require a professional’s hand, while there are others that you can do yourself, and which may require time, money and effort on your part.

Below are some helpful tips on how you can go about repairing the bead jewelry in costumes:

If you don’t already have a magnifying glass or a jeweler’s loupe, now is the time to invest in one. There is that kind which you can strap on your hand, so you may leave your hands free to do other things.

When it comes to rhinestones and crystals, which are the most common problems in costume jewelry, you met set older pieces with glue, but don’t use too much. Avoid using Krazy Glue of Super Glue because it may damage the piece, especially vintage pieces. Also, don’t use hot glue because temperature changes may crack the stone. Use the kind of glue that is specifically designed for jewelry which you can find in jewelry supply websites and craft stores. Most importantly, use only enough amount, or as little as possible, for easy drying.

When it comes to putting a stone back in its proper setting, you can just wet the tip of your finger to make the stone stick and then just be careful when dropping in into the setting.

If you happen to have broken bead jewelry, unmatched earrings and other stones, save the pieces for future use. You may just find a use for them in the future. Better be safe than sorry.

Costume jewelry is made to be worn and enjoyed. By replacing the metal and replacing the missing pieces, you will give your vintage jewelry a brand new sparkle and glow plus many more years of wear.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Bead and wire jewelry are not the only things you do with your craft and bead supplies. You can also apply your creativity and craftsmanship in making other things inside your home look even more beautiful and presentable, not just to you, but to your family and guests as well. Let your imagination run free and think of other alternative ways to use your bead supplies. You can add flair to an ordinary pair of jeans for instance by sewing some beaded design on it. You can make a vase look more attractive with beads and ribbons. You can add some beaded decoration to your wine glasses to make each one more personal for your guests. And the list goes on. There is absolutely no limit to what you can come up with. You may experiment and go with the flow of inspiration.

Here are other fantastic suggestions on where you apply your creativity when it comes to using bead and wire jewelry:

Phone Charm

Since almost everyone has a mobile phone these days, it now becomes a part of a person’s everyday getup. You may decorate your phone using bead and wire jewelry to make it match your day’s getup.


If you are the bookworm type, why not embellish your bookmarks with bead and wire jewelry? A little eye candy when reading is good for the brain, plus it will definitely make the book look more enticing to read.

Candle Centerpiece

If you’re the type who likes having romantic candlit dinner at home, why not go all the way by decorating your candlesticks too? You can match it with the color and style of your table cloth. This way, a little glamour and style is added to the whole ambience of your dinner.

Other Areas Around the House

You can decorate door knobs, drawer handles as well as keys with bead and wire jewelry to make your home look more trendy and fashionable. Lamps are also a great spot to let your creativity shine. Choose crystal beads and attractive wire, They will definitely light up the room once the lamp is turned on especially at night. They may even help spark enthralling conversations with your guests.

Making bead and wire jewelry is an art that is not exclusive to jewelry and accessories. They can be used and applied to almost anything and everything. Start bringing out the artist in you through bead and wire jewelry applications.

Monday, June 21, 2010
Have you just started learning how to do bead jewelry and accessories? Perhaps, you’re still not familiar with all the terminology involved in this craft. Well, fret not because you have a lifetime to learn about all this and there’s no better time to start than now. Sooner or later, you too will become an expert and create your own wonderful bead jewelry designs.

For now, let me teach you about one of the jewelry making supplies you will need for your beaded accessory: lobster claw clasp.

"Lobster claw". Sounds scary. For the hungry ones, it sounds like food. Actually, this is a generic term for all types of clasps that can open and close. Clasps like this have the ability to hold both ends of the bead jewelry together through its locking mechanism. Some makers and designers of bead jewelry use lobster claw clasps, not just for closing, but to also attach charms. If the lobster claw looks fancier than usual, it can also act as a visual centerpiece of a necklace.

You might want to learn more about the classifications of lobster claw. Here they are:

Pelican and Specialty Trigger Clasps: They are curved clasps with trigger located at the outer convex surface.

Balloon Clasps: They have longer thinner construction, are oval in shape, require less metal than other oval-shaped clasps, therefore, are a lot lighter in weight.

Swivel Clasps: This is also a kind of oval clasp where its base tend to rotate separately from the rest of the claw. This allows the bead jewelry more freedom in movement and gives the wearer more comfort.

Other Specialty Clasps – heart trigger clasps, cat trigger clasps, elephant trigger clasps.

There are some designers and bead jewelry consumers who see lobster claw as less stylish than a toggle bar. But then they prove to be more secure when fastening bead jewelry and other accessories. When buying these things, just make sure that the trigger is working, does not stick and does not pop. Choose from the many different designs and have fun making your bead jewelry.

Saturday, June 19, 2010
Looking natural does not mean you take off all the makeup and all the frills in your body. You can still go on with your advocacy to nature and still look glamorous anywhere you go with some wooden bead accessories in your body.

Wooden beads are natural materials that look modish when created into trendy jewelries like bracelets, wooden necklaces or even a pair of earrings. This type of beads is flexible enough to fit any outfit for as long as you choose the appropriate type of wooden beads. It comes in different shades of wooden tint, varying sizes and shapes and can have patterns or designs available for any creative work.

The great advantage of these wooden beads is that it is so light that you will not feel the burden when worn around your neck or even in your wrist. Some types of beaded jewelries can be heavy to add to your load. In addition, wooden beads are less expensive than other types of beads hence, it becomes a fad even until these days when more selections of jewelries are introduced.

Like any other types of beads, wooden beads also need care from the person owning them. But, unlike some other types of beads, these natural beads needs less attention. Since these are predominantly made of wood, then it has a water resistant property that even if you wash your hand often, you need not to take off your wooden bracelet around your wrist.

There may be times though that some of the color may wear off but these are not considered dull. Although these colors may wear off or paints may chip off, you will still have that natural look of a real wood. Just reuse it if the strings may break off.
Friday, June 18, 2010
Admit it! We all love anything personal. We like to have stuff that has a personal touch or simply a reminder of something personal in our lives. Whether a body accessory, materials at home or even our school things, we often add something personal. We want to identify that certain thing as our own, hence, we place some labels. We wanted everything associated with us to be personalized.

A personalized necklace is no exception. You may wonder how can that be possible. It is actually very simple. Just have some letter beads, pendants or any craft materials that has a personal touch and your creative mind. You can create a beaded necklace with your name on it.

Have some small beads in the strings first. Then form your name or alias through the letter beads and one by one insert them on the strings. Finish off with some small beads having similar pattern as of the previous set of beads before your name and close your necklace. Now, everyone will know your name by looking at your personalized beaded necklace.

If you are not that comfortable with your names on your necklace, why not try your initial instead. Look for a big or medium sized pendant with your initials on it and use them on your beaded necklace. Or you can have your pictures printed in a material ideal for a pendant. Then you can carry around your picture in your neck or even together with your best friend’s picture.

You can do whatever you like to make your necklace and other frills more on your personal side. You can even enhance using different colors and patterns of different beads. Why add beads? It is because beads are flexible materials that can be used in any patterns or designs. It comes with variety of colors to choose from, shapes and sizes as well as designs that can broaden your selection and design for your jewelries.
Thursday, June 17, 2010
Beads are so wonderful to look at, especially if you have tons of them, made of various materials that come in different sizes and shapes. They help create wonderful, one of a kind pieces of accessories and jewelry. But how do you store your beading supplies properly? You can’t just leave them lying around. They may cause some minor accidents inside the house or worse, your child, or little kid brother or sister might pick them up and eat them! Wouldn’t it be nice if you store them properly so that any time you want to use them and finish that unique piece of bracelet or necklace you’re making, you easily know where to find them?

Here are some examples of storage pieces you can use for your beading supplies:


These are tiny containers that are typically used for storing seed beads since they are very tiny too. They are also sometimes used for medicine tablets and are stacked up one after another. This way, if you get to open only the portion you want while the others remain sealed and secured. Get ones which have snap closure to secure your beads inside.

Bead Cases

There are many kinds of bead cases. Some have slots while some have acid-free tacky surface on top and bottom portion of the bead case. When bead cases are used, beads don’t easily slip from inside. This way, you’d use needles to pick up your tiny beads. They’re perfect for traveling and for using at home.

Bead Organizers

Bead organizers come at different sizes. Some are large, some are medium, and some are small. They have compartments inside so you can easily segregate your beads in one place. This way, if you need to do an intricate design which uses a number of different beads and gemstones, you can all easily carry them with you with the help of a bead organizer.

Bead Storage Drawers

Bead drawers are like the bead organizers. The only difference is that they come with pull out drawers. This is better for home use rather than for travel, unless your bead drawer can be shut closed and secured. The drawers pull out for easy access to needles, tweezers or other small items.

These are just some of the best storage places for all your beading supplies. With them, you can practically do beading anytime and anywhere.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Bead making is a fun hobby when you have leisure time alone. But, did you know that through bead making, you are not only creating masterpieces of beautiful beaded jewelries but also a bond between your families or your friends?

If you do your beaded jewelries in an environment where your friends are gathered around you and also do their bead making, you will feel that you can share almost anything in this world. While finishing your beaded projects, you and your friends can gossip, share secrets and even laugh your hearts out. In the end of that fun beading session, you’ll realize that you wanted to try it another day.

In addition, all of you can impart ideas on how to enhance each other’s beaded jewelries or perhaps even share on bead supplies if others may not have their own. The benefit of doing a common hobby is more than just having someone who shares your interest.Bead making is also a good way to be closer to your family. In sharing your knowledge on bead making, you can lend a hand on your sister’s project and add some of your beads to her creative assignments. You may also teach her how to do her own beaded jewelries. That way, you two can have a quality time doing your beads as well as gain her trust that you are always there to help her.

You can also help in enhancing or decorating your homes in special occasions through beaded decorations and accessories. Create some bead strings and place it around your walls to produce some sparkles in your house on a fun dinner party. Or you can even make some yuletide beaded ornaments and put some in your Christmas tree. Not only will you make your house readily decorated for any occasions, you will make your mother proud on the cost you saved from buying added decorations and the beauty you created in your home.

Ever thought of a gemstone that looked like it came straight right out of the Arabian nights? It is deep blue in color with golden inclusion of pyrites that sparkle like tiny stars. This gemstone is none other than Lapiz Lazuli. It is a semi-precious stone prized for its antiquity and intense blue color. It is oftentimes used as beads jewelry supplies when creating beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. In terms of its history, this opaque blue gemstone has had quite a grand past.

Lapiz Lazuli is actually one of the very first gemstones used for beads jewelry supplies, therefore, it is one of the precious stones first used as jewelry.
When excavations were done in ancient centers around the Mediterranean, archaeologists have discovered decorative chains and furnishings made of Lapiz Lazuli. This just proves that this gemstone has been used by people of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Persia and Rome thousands of years ago. When the ancient Mediterraneans discovered it, they named it “lapis” which is the Latin term for stone, and “azula” which is the Arabic term for blue.

Today, Lapis Lazuli is regarded as the stone of friendship and truth by many people around the world. Many believe that the blue stone encourages harmony in any relationship and helps its wearer become more candid and true to himself/herself.

But the truth is, Lapiz Lazuli is not just one of those beads jewelry supplies used to create pretty jewelry, or ornaments and accessories. It is more than that. Psychics regard it as a healing stone that helps strengthen the immune system, creates balance, releases tension and anxiety. All these psychic powers are believed to have come from the vibrations emitted by its blue color.

If you’re the type of person who needs healing in these aspects of your health, make sure you include Lapis Lazuli in your beads jewelry supplies. Even if your accessory only has a few pieces strung together with other beads, it can already do a lot of difference by providing healing in some aspects of your life.
Beading can be so much fun with all the creative designs you can think of, you will have limited time for so many patterns and styles to create. Yet, beading can also be exhausting especially when you get to the end part of the whole process, the clean up. It may sound simple but with all the different beads ranging from different colors and sizes as well as your used strings and some beading supplies, you will be too annoyed and hoping to finish as quickly as possible.

If you rush on putting away your beads supplies, your next session of beading will be focused more on identifying and sorting your beads and other supplies that you failed to do so in your previous session. So to lessen the hassle and the annoyance of trying to sort which beads to use or not, try to organize your beads supplies at first hand and you will eventually have a smooth flow in beading.

Organizing your beads supplies can be easy if you have the proper things to aid you in arranging your supplies. First, you must find storage boxes or containers for your different beads supplies such as your beads, your strings and other beading tools. Then, sort out your different beads. Since beads are the most intricate and numerous in varieties among your beads supplies, you must try to sort out your beads first.

You can either separate the beads according to kinds, sizes or colors. If you are into bead making and not really concern with the types of beads to use, you can classify these according to colors instead. After you sort them, you can place these beads in different containers. It is ideal to keep these beads in glass storage to be able to see the items clearly from the outside. If you do not have any glass storage or transparent ones, you can label these containers according to what is inside.

After all the sorting of your beads, storing and labeling, you can store the rest of the supplies. For easy carry and transport, you can have a storage similar to a toolbox wherein many compartments are inside to classify the various supplies. It is also easy to take it with you outside your homes and have easier and faster beading.

Making things in order will make your work more convenient and faster. It will also make your working tools clean and nice to look at without the clutter.
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Most seed beads are tiny that stringing them together can become a daunting task sometimes. But don’t fret too much because there are now available ways on how you can make stringing seed beads a lot more fun. Take note of the following useful information to help you get started with your seed beads project:

Bead Sizes

The usual range of sizes for beads jewelry supplies like seed beads is between 5/0 to 28/0. Beads with smaller number are the bigger ones while beads with the larger number are the smaller ones. This means that beads with size 28/0 are so tiny that it becomes difficult to string them together. The most common bead size available for seed beads is 11/0. With this size, you would need about 17 beads strung together in order to create an inch of beads. Those seed beads in size 6/0 (4mm wide) are called “E beads” and they are the ones typically used in crochet and knitting projects.

Beading Needles

When it comes to the size of the needles, it uses the same gauge as the size of the beads (the smaller number, the bigger the needle). The best thing to do when buying needles for stringing of seed beads is to buy one that is at least one size smaller than the size of the seed bead. For example, if you are working on seed beads size 10/0, it would be best to use a needle that is #11. This way, your needle will surely fit the hole of your beads, making it easy for your seed beads to be strung together.

Stringing Materials

1. Nymo is currently the most popular kind of thread used for stringing seed beads. It is colored and looks like dental floss.

2. Silamid is also a popular kind of thread for stringing seed beads. The good thing about this thread is that it is prewaxed, a lot stronger, and less stiff than Nymo which make it easy for threading.

3. Elastic Nylon is the kind of thread used for quick and easy projects.

4. Flexible Beading Wire or beading cable comes in a wide array of gauges (widths). It is made up of several strands of fine steel wire coated with nylon.

Stringing Pre-Strung Beads

Buying a set of seed beads that were already temporarily pre-strung is a wise choice. This way, you get to string a lot of beads at one time, and very quickly by feeding them to your own wire or threaded needle, going through the holes, and transferring them to your own string as you remove them from their temporary string.
Stringing Loose Beads

When stringing loose seed beads, get a small, shallow bowl and put all your loose seed beads in it. Run your threaded wires or needles through the seed beads until you get to pick up a bunch of them by your needle or wire.

Using a Bead Spinner

When using a bead spinner, which is a stringing tool that is made up of a spinning bowl on a spindle, put all the seed beads into a bowl, insert a wire or threaded needle into bowl, then spin. The beads will then automatically hop on.

There is really no need for you to be intimidated by beads jewelry supplies like these tiny seed beads. With a little patience and practice, you’ll be threading seed beads effortlessly and making delightful designs and accessories.
Monday, June 14, 2010
Bead jewelry like pearl has always been thought to represent elegance and beauty among women of fashionable taste. Likewise, mother of pearl has also brought sophistication and beauty in various kinds of jewelry, artecrafts and architectural pieces. Both are beautiful, exquisite and truly are fabulous natural materials. But what is the difference between the two?

Pearls are formed inside oysters when it accumulates a substance called nacre, which is actually, the mother of pearl, which lines the oyster shell. Pearls form when an organic irritant such as a parasite or food particle becomes trapped within the mollusk and gets lodged inside its shell. The shell protects itself from this solid piece of foreign object by secreting a crystalline form of calcium carbonate, derivative mineral of aragonite, and another substance called conchiolin, a binding protein. Both these substances are the same substances that the oyster uses to build its shell. The layers of calcium carbonate envelop the intruder and mix with the conchiolin, which acts as an organic glue binding the crystals together.

The mother of pearl, on the other hand, is the nacre, as previously mentioned. It is the material that lines the mollusks. The most common mollusks where mother of pearl came from are abalone and oysters. They are then dyed with different colors for a more attractive effect when used as decorative ornament or accessory.

These days, pearls and mother of pearl are used not just as women’s accessories and jewelry but as men’s accessories as well. Take the cuff links for instance. When they are used as such, they give men an overall look of elegance and class.

Nevertheless, bead jewelry like pearl and mother of pearl will always be considered timeless no matter how it is used. Because no two pearls and mother of pearls are exactly alike, they will always cater to both men and women’s unique personalities, therefore meeting the high demand in the pearl fashion market.

Friday, June 11, 2010
When into bead making, we wanted to know the basics as well as the tips to make our bead work look good. We want to work smoothly and appropriately for us not to waste precious materials on incorrect bead making. Since beads come in pieces and can be recycled again, if not yet broken, what about your other materials such as your strings?Some strings can be recycled again if still having the appropriate length and form, but what if you start on doing your bead work and cut some strings realizing in the end that what you did is just not what you want? You can do over again and reuse your beads but you often are not able to reuse your strings.

It is essential then to know the different bead strings and threads for you to have the appropriate type of string used when doing a project. There are the Nylon wire, Memory wire, Terylene Thread, Thong, Elastic thread and the Metal Wires.

Nylon wire is not the same as nylon thread. A nylon wire is a single strand plastic often strong and inflexible while a nylon thread is a multi strand bead thread. You cannot use it for knotting since it does not knot so well. However, it has a colorless thread that makes an invisible impression for your beaded jewelry. If you want a more flexible wire, use an elastic thread instead.

Metal wires are mostly used when involving precious metal beads in the project. It is often appropriate when doing a jewelry that the wire needs not to be flexed. If ever you try to flex your metal wire, tendency is it will most like break in the end. A terylene thread is the most versatile since it is very elastic and can be great for knotting. It is good to look at but not too distracting as to defeats the beauty of your beads. Best of all, it is affordable, hence, you will really like it.

These are only some of the attributes of selected bead strings. Knowing the features and characteristics of each bead supplies is advantageous for you. It enables you to choose the right strings to use as well as save you cost of buying beads not intended to be used as well as loss of using strings that are inappropriate.
Have you ever imagine living in a world of black and white? It may seem dull, lack of energy and emotion, but it still exists, and we can get used to it minus the liveliness. Likewise, if we apply these to our things, it will not seem attractive and bubbly.

Colors may come in variety and like its diversity, it has different meanings and emotions that can make someone feel alive or dead. For instance, bright colors like pink, yellow and orange makes one feels so light and happy. Moreover, dark colors feel morbid and bleak. Yet these days, colors may be mixed together in many patterns that create a funky feeling.
In beading, you can mix and match colors of different beads to form selection of great designs. You can mix some colors of red, yellow and orange beads to have that sunny feeling. Or probably have some blue colored beads and green colored beads to convey a longing for the blue sea or the ocean.

Perhaps you feel like you are close to the nature, hence, combine some greens of different hues, pink, red and yellow beads for the flowers and some brown colored beads for the soil.

It may be depending on your discretion what you want to do with the different mixtures of colors. But make sure that you create a worthy combination to even create a perfect design.
Colors make up the wonderful sights in the world. As a craft enthusiast, your goal is to make sure that the world is seen in full colors through your great creations. It may be through your trendy clothes, beaded accessories, colorful slippers or even your multicolored notebook; you sure will spread beautiful colors.
Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Oftentimes, we may feel so beautiful and glamorous that we want to express it to people not through words but through our actions. We put on the sweetest smile and prance along the hallway like a superstar.

But, did you know that what we often wear could also tell what we feel? There are days when we wake up in the morning and we suddenly feel so happy and gorgeous that we put on our best-looking clothes and accessories. Or, there are moments when we feel so glum that we just don’t care if we wear oversize t-shirts and some old jeans.

Actually, our mood does contribute to what we want to wear that day. But, we must never forget that even if we feel slightly negative one day, we will also forget to take care of our guise. The good thing is that we can feel the the doldrums and still look stylish with pendants on our necks.
Pendants these days come in many different designs. You can choose a particular pendant and match it with your mood. For instance, you feel glamorous one day and you put on your sexiest and most beautiful dress. You can match it with a shiny, big pendant. You can even choose a star pendant.

If instead you feel so holy and want to spread the good news, there are pendants with images of the Virgin Mary or Jesus. Being glum does not mean you cannot look good. If you feel that way or just do not feel anything special, try on some simple necklaces or black ones to express your dark feeling.

You may also convey the idea that you are a Chinese with Chinese style pendants or a fanatic of music with pendants shapes like musical instruments.

Whatever is your mood that day, express it and still look fashionable.
Turquoise beads are only some of the many semi precious stone beads there is and taking essential care for these valuable stones is a must. Unlike other beads, turquoise beads can be very sensitive. It can easily be scratched or chipped if not taken with proper care.

If you love wearing beaded jewelries and specifically likes having a complete collection of turquoise beads in your necklaces, bracelets and other kinds, then you must know the basics behind cleaning and handling these jewelries to ensure you longer lasting usage of these elegant beads.

Turquoise beads are not as sturdy as you think. It is wise then to store these beads in a safe place away from other hard beads and jewelries to avoid some scratches when in contact with the others.

In addition, you must make sure that you do not drop them on the floor or anywhere since it can chip off or break if the impact is too strong. In fact, make sure that all your precious jewelries are not dropped on the floor to refrain from breakage.

Furthermore, we often wanted to smell so good that we spray on overwhelming amount of perfume or cologne in our body. The fact is that we do not only put some of these scents in our body but in our things.

However, did you know that your jewelries are allergic to these scents? Well, if not all jewelries, then turquoise beads are. They can fade or look very old if often in contact with these elements.

If you really care for your things and think of wanting them for a long time, then do all means to make sure that they will look good as the time you bought or made them. Caring for these turquoise beads can be exhaustive, still, it yields great results.