Monday, May 31, 2010
Trends come and go but jewelry will always be a hot fashion item that will never fade. Wearing one has been done since the early biblical days, and today is no exception. Even when we live in this advanced technological age, jewelry is still a must among people, for both men and women, young and old.

Jewelry created from beads of different materials that are combined together can produce a stunning and exclusive personal fashion statement for you. Cats eye beads is one of those natural gems that can easily attract attention. Cats eye beads are also referred to as fiber-optic beads. They are called as such because they have a band of light that runs through the center which resembles that of a cat’s eye. These colorful beads change hue as they capture and reflect light. As such, they can be made to match your getup and give you that overall look of flair and fashion.

With cats eye beads, you don’t only keep up with what’s trendy and hot, but you also tap into that power source of energy that helps give you clarity and free you of stress. This is because cats eye beads are amazing sources of such powers too. They encourage passion for life, enhance willpower and drive your will for success. Cats eye beads boost self esteem, give courage, determination, and strength.

Now, when people see you wear a handcrafted cats eye beaded necklace, or earring, or bracelet for example, and they see how good you look in it, and how you are living the happy life you have, you might just start a whole new trend yourself that people will start buying similar accessories. So never be afraid to explore what you think will look best on you. Keep exploring and reinventing yourself. Keep learning something new. This endeavor need not be expensive with affordable and powerful natural beads available almost everywhere for you.

Saturday, May 29, 2010
It is a fascinating thought when modern times adapt to what may be the trend in the early days. Take for example jewelries. Many stones and gems that are widely utilized as a jewelry supply today are used even in the past as part of a jewelry piece, an ornament or even a weapon.
One good example of such versatile stone is a jade. When we think of a jade stone, we would imagine a green stone often in bracelets and jewelries. However, other colors are also present in jade such as pink, black and white jade stones that are affluent in Myanmar. We are just too stalled by the overbearing quantity of the color green jade stones.

Jade has two types namely the Nephrite, meaning kidney, and the Jadeite. Jadeite is the green colored stones often seen and used by many people these days. Although these stones may look mundane and homogeneous with other stones and gem, jade has its own finesse and function that can entice even the most regular person in the world.

Aside from its beauty, this precious stone are believed to treat disorders related to our loins and kidneys. Often we find jade bracelets in older folks and reckon this as a fashion accent. But, little did we know that these are purposely worn for health reasons.

Jade stones are also used in decorating some craft works like jewelries, home decorations and other frills in the body. Jade beads are commonly found in necklaces, bracelets, rings, bangles and even on hair accessories and belts. These stones are even included in weapons like amulets and swords.

The captivating aspect of jade beads is its beauty that could create a graceful appeal to anyone wearing them. Today, women regard fashion as partly a necessity and luxury. The need to look practically great entails the need to make use of everything fashionable as well as functional. People seek jade stones because of its versatility and beauty.

Whatever role it portrays hundreds and thousands of years ago, it still plays the same part even these days.

Have you ever thought of investing your hobby far beyond personal benefit? Do you want to do more than just collect stuff that may interest you? For some people, they wanted to do a lot further with things that fascinate them. For instance, girls may often collect pocketbooks but in the end sell these pre-loved collections to people who may want to own these items.

At least that way, she can earn extra income from that venture, not to mention less clutter in the cabinet, while another will enjoy the experience she can get from the purchase; both a win-win situation.

There are many other examples of how you can enjoy your hobby as well as gain extra cash and give happiness to others. One prevailing example for such is beading. A lot of girls are into bead making simply because it is fun, creative and very stylish. Moreover, with knowledge on how to make bead jewelries, you can mix and match any beads you like and create your very own fashionable set of beaded jewelries.
You can now have your beaded necklaces, bracelets and pair of earrings to match any outfit you have in going to school, strolling in parks and even on a romantic date. Still you can think beyond that personal benefit and move further to what is sensible. Through bead making, you can be more practical.

How is that so? Although bead making or beads are deemed as a hobby and a fashion accessory, these can be sold to many interested people who may want to look chic with beaded frills. You are not only enjoying you hobby, saving costs from buying marked up jewelries by making your own and can earn extra for selling some of your creations.

Many individuals are hooked on this endeavor for the reason that they can freely create unique designs of jewelries made of lovely beads as well as more people will appreciate their creative output. (Of course, money generated is already a given)
Friday, May 28, 2010

They say most of us women are vain. We like to wear what’s hip and cool; we like donning what’s trendy and fashionable; and this goes for jewelry too. It’s not just something to accessorize our overall look, but we make sure they’re affordable, comfortable, and go with our overall personality too. So, whether you’re a diamond person, or the one who goes for the plastic kind, or the one who likes beads and crystals or the metallic type, wearing jewelry, in one way or another, definitely brings out the best in you.

On the other hand, what others don’t know is that wearing some jewelry can also be about amplifying the psychic power that is in you. What do I mean by this?

All of us have some form of psychic abilities to some extent. But because we lead such busy and harried lives, we unknowingly just set them aside. Coral beads, for instance, can help you to effortlessly tap into your higher self. Coral beads are not just about admiring or wearing this red or pink gem made from the skeleton of a coral species. Even without you knowing it, coral beads can help you attain higher knowledge and wisdom. The way coral beads are made, they vibrate at certain frequencies that coincide with the vibrations of your higher brain power. The result? You become smarter than usual, and you don’t even have to try. You just have to wear coral beads!

People who know of this secret wear coral beads when they go to important meetings, or take the board exams. They don this special gem when they need some assistance in being able to think quickly and clearly. You can too. Now, you not only explore the new trends that change from time to time; you not just wear what’s new and in style; you also get to improve the ways of your mind and increase your level of thinking. And this is all because of coral beads.

As soon as puberty sets in, we see many women begin to take an interest in wearing jewelry -- from plastic to metal, to precious stones and beads. These stylish and flashy accessories are oftentimes a must because they make women and girls alike even more pretty. But did you know that some jewelry have other uses aside from just making you look dashing and chichi?

Take agate stones for instance. Agate stones are considered semi-precious, being one of the oldest and most powerful stones in recorded history. It is known to ward off storms as early as the biblical times. They are a microcrystalline variety of quartz silica, particularly that of chalcedony, and are chiefly noticed for their fine grain and bright colors. Agate stones are traditionally associated with volcanic rocks, but are typical among metamorphic rocks as well. Sounds pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Being semi-precious in nature, prized for its antiquity, and having fine texture and vibrant colors, it was no wonder when agate stones were soon made into beads for jewelry, starting as early as the Babylonian times. They can match any style, color and make of any outfit when worn as a necklace, a pendant, an earring, a ring, and a bracelet, and are not as expensive as other semi-precious stones and crystals.

The most interesting thing to note here when wearing agate crystals is that they can help bring about psychic healing and power to whoever wears them the most. With agate stones, one can achieve strength, healing and protection. They can aid a person against bad dreams and give protection against the daily stresses of life. Agate stones that come with banded colors can be placed on your head while sleeping to ensure you get to have a colorful variety of dreams.

Agate stones may also be used for those of you who usually experience stomach upsets, u

sually brought about by imbalanced emotions and stress. Even if agate stones can’t change your emotions, they will somehow influence you to accept these emotions and give you the courage to move one. The reason they are considered powerful is because they grant strength to people and help them move on.

With these things in mind, you now know that jewelry can do more than just make you look fashionable. Wear some now and achieve these healing powers. One best way to test it is when you have to make an important decision. Wear agate stones now and see its psychic powers at work.

Fashion is a craze these days. Many people, most especially women, have done a lot to make themselves fit in the fashion world. From trendy clothes to chic shoes and fashionable bags to stylish accessories, you name it, any girl have it (or want it badly). Go on a closet raid and you will find different designs of tops, dresses, shoes, hats, scarves, gloves and the like. This shows how passionate a woman could be to look not just good enough to say, “You look nice.” but great enough for anyone to say, “You look fabulous!”

Any girl’s wardrobe is not complete without a set of cool accessories to match any outfit for that day. It may be a pair of cute earrings or a dazzling necklace or even a beaded bracelet, for as long as it suits the attire, then it is in the collection. Girls just love to indulge themselves in these frills since it can add glamor to their overall appearance and what is more glamorous than some beaded jewelries in the body.Beads, like diamonds, are also a woman’s best friend. In fact, almost any jewelry can be a girl’s best friend. It is because like diamonds, these can create a lovely look to a boring appearance. However, unlike diamonds, these can be less expensive and easily acquired thus more women are into beads.
Another good thing about beads is that these can come in variety of colors, sizes, forms and style that can produce a wider selection to choose from. You can simply mix and match these beautiful pieces and create a masterpiece you can flaunt to people. These modish beads are great to strut along with a trendy outfit and a cool pair of shoes.

Beads are part of the fashion rage since many, even famous people, ideally wear these chic frills for a strut of elegance and a great fashion taste.