Top 4 Bracelets Perfect for Gifts
Saturday, August 07, 2010

When getting a gift for a friend who loves bracelets, the most important thing to find out is his/her taste in accessories. Don’t mind what you think looks good on you. It is the recipient’s taste that matters in this occasion. Aside from taste, you must also have an idea of the size of his/her wrist. Otherwise, it may not fit and there goes your hard-earned money down the drain.

Bracelets come in different sizes, shapes and makes except for bangles that are designed to fit any size. For American females, the average size of bracelets is 7 inches while for males, it is 8 inches.

There is a wide array of styles which are available in most materials than you can imagine. But for now, let me give to you the four most popular kinds. They are bead jewelry bracelets, bangles, gemstone bracelets and charm bracelets. For these four most popular kinds, there are various designs to choose from ranging from the simplest to the most intricate. Explore your options properly before deciding which one to buy as a gift.

Before we further discuss each of these four bracelets, take note that you have to consider the very basic materials being used. This will help determine your budget and the depth of your intention. For instance, gold is always considered the best as it never goes out of style and fashion. It is also expensive and is usually given to those people you care about the most like your spouse. Sterling silver, on the other hand, is the more affordable option. It is popular among the younger generation and with constant polish and care, can always look brand new. There’s also stainless and platinum. They are durable and therefore perfect for everyday wear.

Now, let’s talk about the top 4 bracelets perfect for gifts.

Gemstone bracelets

These are the ones made from semi-precious to precious stones. They offer a variety of color and sparkle. This kind ranges from quartz to amethysts to diamonds and even includes all the other colors of the rainbow with matching prices, of course.

Beaded jewelry bracelets

These bracelets range from the simplest of designs that may remind you of your childhood to the most intricate of styles used in more formal occasions. Of all the bead jewelry, those made of glass beads are the ones gaining more popularity these days.


Bangles are the most versatile ones. They can be made from any material like wood, metal, rubber, plastic, beads, glass, etc.

Charm bracelets

For a more personalized bracelet, get this kind. You can have various kinds of stones and beads dangle in there depending on the taste of your recipient. The chain style is the most common and birthstones are often used.

Bracelets as gifts speak loudly of your intentions. So be clear with what you want to say and say it with flair.


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